Nutrients PLUS has appointed Jeff Thrasher to head the company's national distribution and business development.

Nutrients PLUS names Thrasher to head distribution and business development

Nutrients PLUS has appointed Jeff Thrasher to head the company’s national distribution and business development.

Thrasher has been a business owner and company representative in the green industry for thirty years. He owned and operated Second Nature Tree & Landscape Co., a premier lawn, landscape and tree services company operating in the northern NYC metropolitan area. A compelling interest in the use of products formulated with natural materials resulted in the opening of his sales and distribution company. His longstanding association with the MetGCSA (New York’s Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendent Association) was instrumental in funding research at Virginia Tech on the budgeting of organic matter.

Jeff is applying his accumulative business and plant management experience to provide national distribution and business development for Nutrients PLUS. He will be instrumental on the growth of both professional and retail markets throughout the United States working with the company’s national sales team in addition to expanding the company’s golf course customer base.

“Jeff Thrasher’s management experience in the fertilizer and golf industries will assist us to develop new distribution channels for our products, “ said John Moriarty, president, Nutrients PLUS. “He brings exceptional insights to the NP Way, an innovative system devised to adapt the traditional supply chain into one so that it may integrate natural ingredient inputs from their sourcing to production and distribution.”  

About Nutrients PLUS

Nutrients PLUS, based in Virginia Beach, VA, is unique to the fertilizer industry. The company developed the “NP Pathway to Solutions” system making it the largest recycler of natural ingredients possessing valuable organic matter in blends with traditional fertilizers. The innovative system begins with a network of waste-to-fertilizer processing sites where nutrients and the organic matter are recycled and then supplied to Nutrients PLUS’s production locations for packaging or for combining with traditional nutrients sources, then packaged. The system, designed to harness qualities of these renewable resources cost effectively, also features a waste stream neutral approach leveraging the value of corn, soy and other agricultural feed ingredients for their agronomic and environmental benefits. EQ Biosolids and processed manures are at the foundation of the “NP Pathway to Solutions” as they are converted by the system to curtail the overuse of traditional chemical fertilizers and improve water quality. Nutrients PLUS’s fertilizer products formulated with natural ingredients are registered and sold in 40 states and Canada.

Nutrients PLUS, a long-term sponsor of ongoing research at Virginia Tech, is committed to product innovation and development and serves as a consultant within the fertilizer industry to promote its mission: Lead self-regulatory actions to improve water quality and the environment by reducing the overuse of chemical fertilizers through sound, research-based programs and fertilizers formulated with natural ingredients.

Brand names and markets served include Nutrients PLUS® Clarus™ Screamin’ Green® distributed to the consumer by retail lawn and garden dealers; Nutrients PLUS® Clarus™ Pro sold to the direct segment of the landscape industry; Nutrients PLUS® Clarus™ BioDiversity™ distributed to golf course markets and Nutrients PLUS® Clarus™ 100 that are one-hundred percent natural such as Nutrients PLUS® 4-4-2 with 9% Ca listed by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

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