Renown fungicide receives registration for professional turf use

Renown™ fungicide, a broad-spectrum product from Syngenta, has received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration for use on golf courses and other professional turf sites. It is the only product to contain the active ingredients found in both Heritage® and Daconil® fungicides.

By combining proprietary azoxystrobin from Syngenta and finely-milled chlorothalonil, Renown provides both systemic and contact modes of action. Its preventive and curative properties help control key plant diseases including dollar spot, brown patch, gray leaf spot, algae, anthracnose and more.

Additional features include:

·         Stick-and-stay technology:  Proprietary technology that helps the contact component of Renown stick and stay on the leaf surface longer, even after heavy rain or irrigation, providing exceptional broad-spectrum disease control

·         Performance under summer stress:  A non-DMI product that performs well under summer heat and stress

·         Protection from root to leaf tip:  Control of both soilborne and foliar diseases

·         A “Turf Essential:”  The latest addition to Syngenta’s The Turf Essentials™ line of combination fungicide product brands including Headway®, Instrata® and Concert®; each product relies on a formulation of two or more active ingredients with multiple modes of action for broader-spectrum efficacy

·         GreenTrust™ 365:  Available as part of the 2011 GreenTrust 365 Purchase Program

“Golf course superintendents can trust Renown fungicide’s advanced formulation of the leading strobilurin and the number one contact fungicide available today,” said Scott Cole, golf marketing manager for Syngenta. “It covers the entire turfgrass structure, from roots to leaf tips, protecting interior cells from disease.”

As with all products, it is important to read and follow label instructions when using Renown.

Renown is not currently registered for sale or use in all states. Please check with your state or local extension service before buying or using this product.

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