Rain Bird has developed a solution that combines the many benefits of two-wire technology with the programming ease of traditional controllers.

New 2-wire decoder control system

Over the years, decoder-based control systems have saved money at commercial sites by requiring far less copper wire and less labor during installation. However, these reliable systems were often considered somewhat complicated and challenging to program. Now, Rain Bird has developed a groundbreaking solution that combines the many benefits of two-wire technology with the programming ease of traditional controllers—the all-new ESP-LXD Controller.

The ESP-LXD maintains the look, feel and simple programming made popular by Rain Bird’s highly regarded ESP-LX Modular Controller. However, instead of being connected to the system’s valves through multi-wire bundles, the ESP-LXD interfaces to a two-wire path for decoder-based irrigation. Easily expandable from 50 to 200 zones, the ESP-LXD offers flexible features and modular options that make it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including athletic complexes, street medians, cemeteries and campuses.

“The two-wire functionality of the ESP-LXD makes it incredibly simple to install and expand as a site grows,” said Steve Hollington, product manager for Rain Bird’s commercial controllers. “Simply branch off the two-wire feed, add and program decoders into the controller and let the system do the rest of the work.”

The ESP-LXD allows contractors to custom design four independent programs for greater control that saves both water and money. Each program allows water to be delivered based upon climate, plant needs and location. The ESP-LXD also offers advanced programming options for an even higher level of water efficiency, including Cycle + Soak, Programmable Station Delay, Sensor Override by Station, Calendar Day Off and much more. The Seasonal Adjustment feature makes it simple to automatically decrease or increase the amount of water applied at different times of the year. Rain Bird’s FloManager™ feature ensures that water supplies aren’t overtaxed, while FloWatch™ makes it possible to quickly identify unusually high or low flow rates caused by broken pipes or clogged heads. The ESP-LXD can also provide weather-based control with the simple installation of an optional ET Manager Cartridge.  The ESP-LXD’s design also enables it to be upgraded to central control with the addition of the IQ Central Control Communication cartridge available early 2011.

The ESP-LXD’s large, self-prompting LCD display supports multiple languages, making programming fast and easy. Programming information is protected by a lithium battery that maintains time and date for ten years during a power outage. All program information is stored in non-volatile memory so it will be preserved indefinitely. And because the ESP-LXD requires far less wire in most cases, it’s much easier to troubleshoot any problems that may arise out in the field. “If a break occurs underground, it will always logically be found between the last working valve and the first non-working valve,” Hollington added. “There’s no need for extensive digging, and because there are only two wires, it’s easy to quickly identify any wiring issues.”

More and more specifiers and contractors are choosing decoder-based control as the best solution for sites being developed in multiple phases and other commercial applications that require easy expansion and lower installation costs. With easier programming and troubleshooting, less wire, less cost and less labor, Rain Bird’s ESP-LXD is a flexible, efficient two-wire solution that truly delivers. For more information, contact your local Rain Bird distributor, call 1-800-RAIN BIRD or visit www.rainbird.com/esp-lxd to view a complete training module on the all-new ESP-LXD.