Gulp syringe from Underhill

Underhill introduces the Gulp Syringe Ultra, latest addition to the company’s Gulp line of de-watering pumps for turf and landscape areas.

The series’ most compact model, Gulp Syringe Ultra can be used for multiple tasks, including: water removal from sprinklers or valve boxes; spa and fountain clean-out; and plumbing or pipe repair. It features a 12-inch clear plastic chamber and pumps up to 12 ounces per stroke.

Like all Gulp pumps, the Syringe Ultra is constructed from heavy-duty, corrosion-proof materials and has a stainless steel shaft for reliable performance. The pump chamber is so strong it can withstand damage from accidental “run-overs” by carts or trucks.

The pump is also self-priming and easy to clean. Inlet and exit caps twist off for rinsing and the dual wiper seal can be replaced.

Crews typically carry a series of Gulp de-watering pumps on carts for routine site maintenance. The growing Underhill Gulp™ Series includes:

• New Gulp™ Syringe Ultra;

            • Gulp™ with 10-inch outlet pipe, 12-inch pump chamber and 8-ounce stroke;

            • Big Gulp™ with 36- or 72-inch outlet hose; 36-inch chamber and

35-ounce stroke;

            • Super Gulp™ with 36-inch outlet hose, 84-inch inlet hose, 2-foot pump chamber and 16 GPM pumping capability. Other models are also available.