SafeMark by Newstripe, Inc.

Newstripe’s SafeMark field layout system is the safest way to layout any athletic field and never have to measure again. There are no holes to catch cleats or plugs to trip over.

Key layout points are measured out and the UV protected high-density foam locators are installed flush with the ground. The unique locators have no holes or plugs and are held permanently in place eliminating the need to re-measure each time the field is striped. The SafeMark locators match the surrounding turf density so they can be safely used even in the field of play. The locators can’t be stolen, destroyed by aerators, vehicles or rust from sprinklers.

Backed by a 36-month warranty, each SafeMark set comes complete with layout spikes, 600’ of cord and the installation auger.

Newstripe’s complete line of athletic field maintenance equipment, from drags and groomers to line painting machines, paint and stencils may be viewed at . Specifications and pricing may be downloaded from the website.