During July, STMA members are encouraged to promote their water conservation practices.

STMA members can showcase their water savvy & impact on recreation

Peer associations, the Irrigation Association (IA) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) are each celebrating their respective industries in July. The work of STMA members has a fundamental connection to these associations’ goals.
IA’s Smart Irrigation Month is an opportunity to draw attention to water-saving practices and services. STMA members use efficient and effective irrigation in managing athletic fields and now can more visibly show athletes, fans and the community just how committed they are to good water stewardship. During July, STMA members are encouraged to promote their water conservation practices.
Here are 5 ways you can gain exposure for your contributions to water conservation:
1. Use the Smart Irrigation logo on all correspondence (including email) during July to raise awareness.
2. Write an article about your water conservation efforts for your local paper, sports field user group newsletter, industry publications such as your local chapter newsletter or STMA’s SportsTurf Magazine.
3. Contact your local environmental news reporter to establish yourself as a resource for him/her for water conservation information now and in the future.
4. Post your watering plan and schedule to show how your management program adapts to the weather and other geographic, topographic and agronomic conditions.
5. Share your expertise by offering to present tips on efficient and effective water use to a local service or civic club.
To access the special logo and for more ideas, click here.

Since 1985, the NRPA has celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation month. This year’s theme is “Celebrate, Advocate, Recreate!” NRPA encourages members, agencies, and citizens to plan events and initiatives that remind local decision makers and the community of the vital role that parks and recreation play in our lives. STMA’s largest segment of its membership take care of municipal facilities and have a huge impact on the safety of these facilities.

Here are 5 ways you can promote your impact on recreation:
1. Use the NRPA Celebrate, Advocate, Recreate graphic in your email and other communications.
2. Write an article for your local paper or user groups’ publications about field overuse and explain how your management practices are designed to minimize wear.
3. Attend a youth sport clinic and give a short presentation about the field and the importance of a safe playing surface to avoid injuries. Explain how the young athletes can help to take care of the field.
4. Use the STMA Playing Condition Index (PCI) to remind your employer of the resources currently devoted to the field and to substantiate any needs for additional resources.
5. Work with your recreation programmer to include field information and a presentation by you at appropriate events. The NRPA Tool Kit has many ideas for your programmer and numbers 13, 24, 38 and 46, are especially appropriate for your involvement.

To access the tool kit, click here.