JENSEN brings Marine Grade AM/FM/CD/iPod/SIRIUS Satellite Ready Stereo equipment to the Golf and Turf equipment market.

JENSEN makes stereo systems for UVs, golf carts

All vehicles deserve the opportunity to provide their users with audio entertainment options while on the go.  That even means vehicles that aren’t typically considered stereo candidates such as off-road recreational, ATV/UTV, Golf Carts, and turf equipment vehicle applications.  ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer and supplier of mobile audio and video electronics, realizes this need and is now pleased to bring the JENSEN® MSR3007 Marine Grade AM/FM/CD/iPod/SIRIUS Satellite Ready Stereo, an outdoor equipment-worthy entertainment system, to the Golf and Turf equipment market. 

The DIN-size MSR3007 stereo has been strategically developed from the ground up to offer the outdoor industry everything it needs for cutting-edge audio entertainment.  This AM/FM/CD stereo features full iPod® control and enables users to hook up their iPods® with a JENSEN® adapter cable that plugs into the back of the unit.  It has a CD player with 40 seconds of Electronic Skip Protection (ESP), a front auxiliary input jack that allows for use of any portable music device, and is SIRIUS Gen 3.0 Satellite Radio capable which means, when used with a SIRIUS Dock & Play unit, it will act as the satellite radio receiver, eliminating the need for a separate SIRIUS tuner box.   Simply control SIRIUS radio through the stereo head unit. Your SIRIUS tunes are also completely portable with Gen 3.0. You can take the SIRIUS Dock & Play unit out of your equipment and use it in your car and home, all under ONE single SIRIUS subscription. 

In addition, the MSR3007 has large, user-friendly backlit buttons, an easy-to-view sunlight-readable dot matrix LCD display, and rubber keypad controls to keep out the water, dirt, and grime commonly encountered in Golf and Turf settings.  This unit is also designed with a non-detachable silver faceplate and can be mounted in any DIN sized dash opening and overhead golf cart console designs.

Water resistant features include a solid top chassis that prohibits moisture from entering into the top of the unit, conformal coated circuit boards for corrosion resistance, and a non-absorbing PCB Mylar insulator. 

The MSR3007 has 160 watts of power so audio can be heard above equipment or vehicle noise.  It also has a two wire power system to maintain clock and station presets for up to 30 days even when the vehicle’s battery is disconnected.  This stereo also features an audible warning that alerts listeners when battery voltage is low and has zero memory current draw that enables users to store their vehicles without the risk of running down the battery.  The innovative JENSEN® MSR3007 is now currently available to the Golf and Turf industry dealer through Nivel Parts (800) 959-0852 or direct retail to Golf Cart and Turf Equipment owners via Kingston Mobile @ 1-866-733-2820.