Turfco now offers Kiscutter sod cutter to the sports turf market

Turfco now offers the Kiscutter Sod Cutter to sports turf managers. Lighter in weight, the simple-to-use Kiscutter weighs only 140 pounds. An inexpensive option, it is easier to operate and transport than traditional sod cutters.

“We found that many turf managers were looking for a lighter machine that was simpler, easy-to-use and less expensive,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice president for Turfco Manufacturing. “The Kiscutter Sod Cutter is simple enough for any operator to use, and easy to transport and load.”

 Four-wheel design, pneumatic tires and a rear-wheel drive are some features making it easier to operate and transport. It also features a 5.5 hp Honda engine, which can cut up to 150 feet per minute, but produces lower vibration reducing operator fatigue.

Easier to understand than any other sod cutter on the market, operators just have to set the depth adjustment and then run simplified controls on the handle bar. Additionally, lightweight folding handles result in easy lifting, hauling and storage.  It is ideal for cutting out sod in tight spaces, and cutting out dead areas and flower beds.