X-Core is new controller from Hunter

Hunter’s XC controller, the entry-level product in their popular controller line, is now X-Core. Compatible with the revolutionary Solar Sync ET sensor, X-Core can be converted to a Smart controller with advanced water conservation technology, regulating irrigation runtimes based on locally measured weather. Now smart, weather-based control is available in every Hunter controller category (AC powered).And with the optional SmartPort, X-Core works with all Hunter remotes, such as the ROAM and ICR, making installation and maintenance even simpler.

X-Core maintains all the innovative features of the XC, such as a 365-day calendar, three independent programs (each with four start times), global seasonal adjustment, and station-controlled sensors that made the XC a blockbuster product. With Easy Retrieve memory backup and on-board, non-volatile memory, X-Core provides the assurance to recall all the controller’s watering programs.

The X-Core is a running change to the XC controller product line. As such, all existing XC orders will be fulfilled with X-Core from this point forward. There will be no SKU or price changes.