The executive and members of the Sports Turf Association (STA) honored one of their own at the annual meeting held during the recent Ontario Turfgrass Symposium.

Jane Arnett was awarded an Honorary Life Membership recognizing her outstanding contributions to the turfgrass industry particularly as it relates to sports turf, and for professionally exemplifying the goals and objectives of the STA.

Jane joined the STA in 1991 and within three years illustrated her full dedication to the association by being elected to the board of directors. Her service on various committees of the board and enthusiasm as a director made her an obvious choice for vice-president in 1998, then to serve as president in 2000 and past-president in 2002. She continued to serve as a director until 2009 when a new, more demanding position with the Town of Oakville cut short her time to serve effectively.

During the 18 years as a member of the association she served for one or more terms as a member of the OTS program committee, the field day committee, and the editorial committees for the Sports Turf Manager, Understanding Turf Management and Athletic Field Construction Manual. In addition she authored several articles for the Sports Turf Manager.

Jane commenced her career with the Town of Oakville as a cemetery operator in 1987; quickly became a lead hand in parks maintenance and by 1991 she was Supervisor of Parks with district wide responsibilities. In 2007, recognizing her expertise in turf management, Jane was promoted to Manager of Parks Maintenance with responsibility for turf maintenance, sports turf maintenance and winter control operations on a town-wide basis. In early 2010, in recognition of her overall leadership skills, abilities and talent in all phases of park maintenance, Jane was appointed Senior Manager of Parks Operations.

Andrew Gaydon, long-time association member, director and board secretary introduced the honoree, “very professional, very hard working and very good for the STA”, adding “don’t have a detailed discussion with her unless you know your facts!”

There have been only six recipients of the prestigious award in the STA’s twenty-three year history. Jane joins the ranks of James Boyce (1989), Norman Rothwell (1989), Clayton Switzer (1992), Robert Sheard (1998), Michael Bladon (2000) and Christopher Mark (2005).

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