A routine maintenance program for synthetic turf is critical to maintaining field performance, safety, appearance and longevity of the surface.

Synthetic grooming tips

A routine maintenance program for synthetic turf is critical to maintaining field performance, safety, appearance and longevity of the surface. This includes grooming. For example, regular light grooming stands up the fibers of synthetic turf and improves playability and the overall appearance of the field. In addition, as the synthetic surface becomes compacted over time, you will need to loosen, redistribute and level the infill on the synthetic field. This becomes increasingly important on high traffic areas such as the middle of the field, goalie boxes and sidelines where the turf can be compacted and the crumb rubber becomes dispersed over time. Both of these grooming techniques are important for maintaining a high level of playability and performance on synthetic turf fields.-Chris Hannan, marketing manager, The Toro Company   

Groomer wireless remote control

Heying Company has introduced the industry’s first wireless remote control for their PR72 Pro Groomer infield maintenance machine. The groomer has a powered electric lift that raises and lowers the implements to the infield surface. The new wireless remote sends a signal to a receiver on the machine that’s connected to the electric lift. It can also be added to existing corded remote machines. The system requires no wiring to the towing machine providing real operator convenience.


New Mini XCU slow-release fertilizer

Agrium Advanced Technologies has introduced XCU 10-Week Mini, a longer-lasting, mini-sized product in its XCU Slow-Release Fertilizer product line. The XCU 10-Week Mini feeds turf for 10 weeks or more and is the longest-lasting, mini polymer-coated, sulfur-coated urea (PCSCU) on the market. “This longer-lasting mini is ideal for golf course superintendents to use on fairways,” said Andrew Fereday, product marketing manager. “XCU has a more reliable release profile compared with other PCSCUs, so superintendents can ensure their fairways get the nutrients needed to stay healthy and green for a longer period of time.”



The LitterKat synthetic turf sweeper from GreensGroomer WorldWide is a commercially built, ground driven sweeper designed to remove debris from the turf surface without displacing infill material. With dual 12 volt vibrators in the collection baskets, any infill material that is collected is quickly returned to the field. All aluminum construction with a durable powder coat finish allows the LitterKat to be towed by even the smallest of utility vehicles. The LitterKat is also equipped with a 6-foot tow behind magnet that pulls unwanted ferrous material from deep within the infill.


New hose-end nozzles offer customized flow rate

For athletic field maintenance professionals, syringing, hand-watering or hosing down equipment can be real chores, especially if the hose-end doesn’t provide the right flow rate for the job. Rain Bird has introduced a full line of new Hose-End Nozzles and Quick Connect Couplers. The new nozzles are available with high, medium and low flow rates. All flow rates have a 1-inch inlet, while the medium flow also has a 0.75-inch inlet option. The Quick Connect Couples are available to make attaching or changing nozzles fast and easy, allowing users to choose the right nozzle for the application. Each nozzle features an adjustable spray pattern to deliver just the right water distribution for any application.
New High Temperature Liquid Composting

Converted Organics Inc. has introduced its proprietary High Temperature Liquid Composting (HTLC) technology and unique organic granular and liquid fertilizer products. Converted Organics, based in Boston, MA, is dedicated to producing high-quality, all-natural, organic soil amendment and fertilizer products through food waste recycling. The Company uses its HTLC system, a proven, state-of-the-art microbial digestion technology, to process various biodegradable food wastes into dry pellet and liquid concentrate organic fertilizers that help grow healthier food and improve environmental quality. Converted Organics’ products have been tested in numerous field trials for more than a dozen crops with the result that, on average, the net value of the farmer’s crop increased 11-16%, depending on the particular crop and product application. This is due, in part, to the disease suppression characteristics of the product, which reduce or eliminate the need for other costly, often toxic, crop protection applications.


New paint, striping machine from Pioneer

Pioneer Athletics unveiled StarLine Ultra Friendly paint and the Brite Striper 3000 SP, a self-propelled airless striping machine, at January’s STMA Conference. StarLine Ultra Friendly is a no-VOC, EPA-certified “Design for the Environment” bag-in-a-box paint and the world’s second EPA-certified field marking paint.

The Brite Striper 3000 SP brings self-propelled power, versatility, and affordability to their already popular airless sprayer. This new model features a breakthrough belt-and-chain drive system. Driven by a 5.5-hp Honda engine, users will be able to drive the unit smoothly over rough fields due to the large pneumatic tires and floating spray box.


Terra Brush by Wiedenmann

The Terra Brush by Wiedenmann is a 74-inch heavy duty groomer that consists of four rows of brushes (two are aligned perpendicular to the direction of travel and two rows are mounted in a zig-zag arrangement), thus ensuring an even distribution of sand or rubber infill. For use on artificial turf, the basic unit can be fitted with optional rake fingers located in the front of the brush, thus loosening the rubber infill and allowing for even distribution of the rubber crumb. The Terra Brush can also be expanded to 160 inches working width with optional wing extensions.  The Terra Brush can also be operated in the opposite direction by simply moving the hitch to the other side of the unit. The unit can be operated with an electric or hydraulic bogey and hitch or as a 3-pt. hitch unit.


New Jacobsen Eclipse 322 riding greens mower

Jacobsen’s new Eclipse 322, available in battery, gasoline-hybrid or diesel-hybrid models, is the industry’s only hydraulic-free riding greens mower. No chance of costly turf damage from hydraulic leaks. No valves or hoses to worry about. Features such as programmable frequency of clip, and individual reel control can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your course. Environmentally smart, the battery version eliminates fuel usage, and up to a 50% fuel reduction with hybrid models. Its Greens Management System includes the Jacobsen Classic XP Reels, and multiple attachments increase versatility. This mower was designed to reduce your operating costs by up to 86%. Use the Cost Calculator at www.Eclipse322.com

Cub Cadet Commercial XP spreader/sprayer

The 3-in-1 XP Stand-on Spreader/Sprayer features liquid, granular and spot-spray capabilities designed for commercial users. Its hopper can hold 125 pounds while two, separate 5-gallon tanks can be used together or independently through a spot spray wand or by using the boomless sprayer nozzle. Priced at under $4,000, the XP Spreader/Spray also includes a premium electric start, 6-hp Kawasaki engine, hydrostatic transmission, variable speed drive and 1-year commercial warranty. For those who own a Lesco HP or Cub Cadet Commercial XP, a retro kit is available.


Enhanced ArmorTech ALT 70 fungicide

ArmorTech ALT 70 fungicide, one of several core fungicides in the expanding ArmorTech line of turf protection products from United Turf Alliance, will now be available in an enhanced formulation. For added convenience, the fungicide will be marketed in unique waterproof packaging. Labeled to control Pythium, Phytophthora and anthracnose, ALT 70 fungicide is beneficial in summer stress and summer decline management programs. It contains the active ingredient aluminum tris (O-ethyl phosphonate), a true systemic fungicide with the ability to travel both up and down within the turfgrass plant. The active ingredient has exhibited no resistance problems in more than 20 years of use and, for maximum flexibility and convenience, ALT 70 fungicide can be tank mixed with most other fungicides.