Turfco launches new CR-7 topdresser for sports fields

Turfco introduces the new CR-7 topdresser and material handler designed to handle the mid-range level of topdressing and renovation. The new CR-7 is great for sports complexes with multiple fields and for completing renovation work.

The CR-7 uses WideSpin technology, which gives operators the most accurate spread from light to heavy and up to 35-feet wide, makes quick work when topdressing multiple fields. An adjustable spinner angle allows you to drive topdressing into the turf for better integration with a total range of 17 degrees up and down.

 “The new CR-7 is a perfect machine for sports turf managers who need to utilize a spinner topdresser with a smaller tractor, but want bigger capacity to do quick work on multiple fields,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice president of Turfco.

From patented technology to built-in versatility, the CR-7 has almost a 2.0 cubic yard capacity self-cleaning galvanized hopper which can quickly be unloaded. It also has an optional rear-mounted cross-conveyor with a 180 degree swivel allowing easy access to tighter areas. And with a four-wheel walking high-beam suspension, the new CR-7 handles seven gallons per minute flow of virtually any type of wet or dry material including sand, lime, compost, stone, wood chips, soil conditioners and grass clippings. It also has an optional trench-filling attachment for completing renovation work on sports fields.

The unique frame design creates greater clearance for attachments and operators can move around fields with ease and stability. A patented three-position switch always ensures a clean application by guaranteeing that the attachments turn on prior to the main conveyor, and an adjustable flow control sets the speed.

Turfco CR-7 Application


Fixing washout areas




Compost material


Back-fill drainage trenches


Update flowerbeds


Turfco’s new CR-7 topdressers have a standard, three-year warranty.