This spring, Cub Cadet and Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs, are issuing a new "Get Ready to Get Dirty" Challenge, asking people to throw on a pair of work boots, grab a lawn mower and do something to support American troops.

Dirty Jobber Mike Rowe joins Cub Cadet for troops mission

This spring, Cub Cadet and Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, are issuing a new “Get Ready to Get Dirty” Challenge, asking people to throw on a pair of work boots, grab a lawn mower and do something to support American troops.  Beginning in late February, Dirty Jobs’ viewers can see Cub Cadet and Mike Rowe in action, and learn how to get involved with Project Evergreen’s Green Care for Troops, an organization that helps thousands of volunteers provide free lawn and landscaping services to military families while their loved ones serve. 


Since its 2006 inception, Cub Cadet has been GCFT’s financial underwriter, helping to serve nearly 10,000 military families in just a few short years.  This year, Cub decided to get a little dirtier — putting both its pocketbook and premium products to work – by partnering with Discovery Channel and Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe for a special Green Care for Troops project. 


“One way Cub Cadet takes its commitment to providing a Better Experience and Better Results beyond the realm of building Better Products is by supporting organizations and causes we  believe in,” said Jeff Salamon, director of marketing, Cub Cadet. “We wanted to team up with someone who shared those beliefs and quickly learned of Mike’s dedication to supporting our troops and vets and his new website highlighting the role of work in America, We saw a great opportunity to align our effort and put our premium products and people to work for a great cause. It became a very natural partnership.”


The mission began with a special job to clean up a soldier’s property, bringing in dozens of landscaping volunteers and Cub Cadet products – from the 4×4 EFI utility vehicle, to the new Z Force S, to the subcompact Sc 2450 with integrated backhoe – that could get a big job done. The Dirty Jobs production crew spent a day filming volunteers from Cub Cadet, landscaping company Brickman Group, and Mike Rowe cleaning up the property.  Scenes from the day will run within Dirty Jobs this Spring, which airs on Tuesday nights, and longer form segments will run online at  Fans of Mike Rowe can also get his perspective at, where he writes about the experience and posts his own pictures and video. 


“This new effort is yet another example of the great partnership we have with Cub Cadet and GreenCare for Troops,” said Den Gardner, executive director of Green Care for Troops. “We continue to find innovative ways to get the word out to the military and our volunteers about this program. We can’t thank Cub Cadet enough for stepping up in yet another way as this program continues to grow nationally.”


As always, there are many ways to support Green Care for Troops, including purchasing a new “Dirt Shirt” with the top 10 reasons to get involved Mike Rowe style, and a portion of the proceeds will directly benefit GCFT. 


Other ways to get involved include:


•               Adopt one or two families by maintaining their lawns throughout the summer

•               Loan your premium quality Cub Cadet equipment to volunteers

•                Repair equipment for families that want to care for their own property, but don’t have a working mower



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 Project EverGreen is a national non-profit organization representing service providers, associations, suppliers/distributors, media companies, other organizations and individuals affiliated with the green industry. Project EverGreen’s mission is to raise the awareness of the environmental, economic and lifestyle benefits of landscapes and promote the significance of those who preserve and enhance green spaces at home, work and play. In addition Project EverGreen sponsors YEA! (Yard Enthusiasts of America),, an online community designed to provide information and interaction on a wide range of lawn and landscaping topics.



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