E-Z-GO introduces the TXT 48 fleet golf car, the next generation of the classic E-Z-GO TXT vehicle.

E-Z-GO introduces TXT 48 fleet golf car

E-Z-GO introduces the TXT 48 fleet golf car, the next generation of the classic E-Z-GO TXT vehicle. The TXT 48 updates the proven E-Z-GO TXT electric golf car platform with a 48-volt DC drivetrain and exclusive TruCourse Technology system that allows golf course operators an unprecedented degree of freedom in tailoring the vehicle’s performance to match the unique topography and conditions of their course.

TruCourse Technology offers more customization settings than any other fleet golf car on the market, allowing course owners to alter TXT 48 performance characteristics such as acceleration and motor-braking to best fit conditions of their course. An optional handheld diagnostic tool provides even greater customization capabilities.

The combination of the 48-volt DC drivetrain and TruCourse Technology also makes the TXT 48 more energy-efficient. The vehicle offers 10 percent greater energy efficiency than the previous 36-volt TXT golf car, and its improved regenerative braking system provides up to 10 percent more power back into the batteries under normal operating conditions – lowering operating costs for the golf course operator.

The same technology gives the TXT 48 better on-course performance than its predecessor, with greater, more consistent power and hill-climbing from the first hole of the day to the last, and downhill speed control that offers a comfortable ride over even steep paths and grades.

In addition to the advanced technology detailed above, the TXT 48 retains the classic styling and proven features of the E-Z-GO TXT platform, including a welded, tubular steel frame with powder-coat protection, scratch-resistant body panels, center-mounted cup, ball and tee holders, slip-resistant floormats, double-walled canopy and handle, and a walkaway braking alarm.

“E-Z-GO is excited to be able to improve the already outstanding TXT golf-car platform with the introduction of the TXT 48,” said Kevin P. Holleran, president of E-Z-GO. “The TXT 48 is the perfect complement to the E-Z-GO RXV, which continues to change the industry with its own unmatched technology and performance.”

“Whether a golf facility needs the industry-leading, second-to-none energy efficiency and performance of the RXV, or the enhanced performance, classic styling and increased efficiency of the TXT 48, E-Z-GO offers the fleet golf car to meet those needs,” Holleran said.

Like all E-Z-GO vehicles, the TXT 48 is manufactured in Augusta, Ga., at E-Z-GO’s world headquarters, recently honored as one of the top ten manufacturing facilities in North America by Industry Week magazine.

Detailed features of the TXT 48 include:


The TXT 48 uses new TruCourse Technology from E-Z-GO to allow an exceptional degree of customization of vehicle performance characteristics, allowing golf-course operators to change the performance of the vehicle to the unique terrain and topography of their course. An optional handheld diagnostic tool offers even more precise customization of vehicle performance.


The TXT 48 offers a 48-volt DC drivetrain with 10 percent greater energy efficiency over the 36-volt model, and larger battery capacity for longer daily range, with consistent power and hill-climbing ability from the first hole to the last.


The TXT 48’s regenerative braking sends 10 percent more power back into the batteries during normal operation when compared to the previous 36-volt model, for greater energy efficiency and more consistent performance across more rounds of play.


Enhanced downhill speed control, made possible by the use of TruCourse Technology, offers a smooth and comfortable ride over challenging hills and course topography.


The TXT 48 offers the largest battery in the industry, backed by a battery warranty of four years, 1,000 rounds or 20,000 amp hours – whichever comes first — to guarantee longer battery life under normal operating conditions.


A charger lockout feature, passed down from the industry-leading E-Z-GO RXV, disables the vehicle while the charger is plugged in, preventing damage from “drive-off” incidents. New LED lights on the charger receptacle provide information about the charging status of the vehicle at a quick glance.


A new, optional handheld diagnostic tool allows for more precise customization of vehicle performance to match the unique characteristics of any course. The tool also provides immediate, user-friendly information on the status of key vehicle systems, allowing for simplified maintenance and better fleet rotation practices.


The TXT 48 retains the unique styling and many of the proven features of the classic TXT fleet golf car, including scratch-resistant body panels, a tubular, welded steel chassis with powder-coat paint, rack-and-pinion steering, a one-piece front axle, slip-resistant floormat, center-mounted cup, ball and tee holders, double-walled canopy with handle, and walkaway braking alarm.

The TXT 48 is available for lease or purchase now. For more information, visit www.ezgo.com or contact your E-Z-GO sales representative.

About E-Z-GO

E-Z-GO, a Textron Inc. company, is a leading manufacturer of golf cars and utility vehicles.
E-Z-GO is the preferred golf car fleet provider for many of the world’s most revered golf courses, clubs and resorts. E-Z-GO is also the golf car of choice of nine of the nation’s 10 largest course-management companies. E-Z-GO boasts the largest sales and service network in the industry, with more factory branch locations and independent distributors than any other manufacturer of golf cars and utility vehicles.

More than a maker of golf cars, E-Z-GO is also a leading provider of turf and utility vehicles for a variety of applications and industries. Products sold under the E-Z-GO brand include Shuttle personnel carriers, MPT turf-maintenance vehicles, and ST personal utility vehicles. E-Z-GO also produces the Cushman line of heavy-duty material carriers.

Founded in 1954 in Augusta, Ga., E-Z-GO became part of Textron Inc. in 1960.