Pioneer Athletics introduces new products at STMA Conference

Pioneer Athletics will unveil three new products this week at the Sports Turf Managers Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL. Making their debut to the crowd of athletic field management professionals were StarLine Ultra Friendly paint, the Brite Striper 3000 SP, a self-propelled airless striping machine, and the Field Crewzer, Pioneer’s new synthetic turf litter and debris remover.


StarLine Ultra Friendly is a no-VOC, EPA certified “Design for the Environment” bag-in-a-box paint that is a companion to Pioneer’s Star Liner athletic field striper. StarLine Ultra Friendly is the world’s second EPA certified field marking paint. Pioneer introduced Brite Stripe Ultra Friendly, the world’s first EPA certified field marking paint, in January 2009.

“It’s important to our company that we continue to introduce additional Earth friendly paints that help relieve environmental stress and improve field surface health,” said Doug Schattinger, President of Pioneer Athletics. “The introduction of StarLine Ultra Friendly is further proof of our commitment to this standard.”

The introduction of Pioneer’s Brite Striper 3000 SP brings self-propelled power, versatility, and affordability to their already popular airless sprayer. This new model features a breakthrough belt-and-chain drive system. Driven by a 5.5 horse power Honda engine, users will be able to drive the unit smoothly over rough fields due to the large pneumatic tires and floating spray box.

“The Brite Striper 3000 SP is the direct result of Pioneer listening to the feedback given by our customers,” said Mr. Schattinger. “The desire to have a self propelled airless striper was high on the lists of many customers, so we made it a priority to offer such a product.”

Pioneer’s new Field Crewzer features a robust counter-rotating brush that lifts surface debris into a hopper while evenly returning infill back into the field. The Field Crewzer’s components are powered independently by a Honda GX 240 engine, as opposed to depending on a power take off (PTO) system. The entire unit can be pulled by any golf cart or utility vehicle.

“Standard care procedures for synthetic turf athletic fields have evolved tremendously in recent years, including the need to remove foreign debris and litter on a regular basis,” said Mr. Schattinger. “Our new Field Crewzer affectively accomplishes this task without the need for a large tractor or vehicle to pull or power the sweeper.”

For more information on these three new products or Pioneer’s full product line, visit or call 1-800-877-1500.