Barenbrug introduces new regenerating perennial ryegrass

Plant breeders at Barenbrug USA have developed a breakthrough perennial ryegrass that produces stolons. These new varieties offer sports turf managers options not available before. The new grass, named RPRTM (regenerating perennial ryegrass), out-competes every other perennial ryegrass in wear tolerance when these stolons root down and give the plants shear strength that is unparalleled.

RPR is very aggressive and is perfectly suited to use on sport fields, golf courses and lawn and landscaping areas, especially when the turf is exposed to intensive wear or potential damage common in many sporting events.

Barenbrug head plant breeder Dr. Joseph Wipff developed the variety in Virginia. “The RPR germplasm was a jewel at our East Coast Research Station. I tried to make it as difficult as possible for the plants to survive. We applied constant wear utilizing our mechanical wear machine. This, combined with the hot and cold temperature extremes common to this research facility, made for a very harsh environment. Under these conditions the RPR plants were aggressive, grew laterally, anchored down and remained very healthy,” says Dr. Wipff.

RPR is available this spring through approved Barenbrug distributors. RPR is also available in a perennial ryegrass blend or in combination with other species like Kentucky bluegrass.           

The Barenbrug Group is one of the world’s largest developers of proprietary turf and forage grass varieties and legume species, and is the leader in turfgrass plant breeding, seed production and marketing since 1904. Barenbrug USA is the largest subsidiary of the Barenbrug Group and is located in Tangent, Oregon.