EPA recognizes second Pioneer Athletics product

In January 2009, Pioneer Athletics introduced the first-ever Environmental Protection Agency  “Design for the Environment” designated field paint with their Brite Stripe Ultra-Friendly product line. Today, Pioneer has announced a second EPA recognized paint named Star Line Ultra Friendly, the companion product to their paint-in-a-box sprayer, the Star Striper.

Just like Pioneer’s previously released Brite Stripe Ultra Friendly, Star Line Ultra Friendly is completely free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and includes more readily biodegradable components than ever before.

“Intensive ingredient research contributed to formulation breakthroughs for our Brite Stripe Ultra Friendly line of paints,” said Doug Schattinger, President of Pioneer Athletics. “It was important to our company that we continue to introduce additional products that help relieve environmental stress and improve field surface health.”

Pioneer Athletics is revolutionizing the athletic field paint industry by being the only manufacturer of EPA recognized “Design for the Environment” products.