AGROTAIN International announced its new, comprehensive website,, that provides turf professionals with easy access to a complete range of resources for maximizing nitrogen efficiency.

On a mission to share its nitrogen management expertise with turf professionals in every segment of the industry, AGROTAIN’s new online resource provides an extensive library of industry research, product details and peer case studies to provide insight into new ways to maximize nitrogen efficiency. The website also provides direct access to other sources of useful industry information, including links to trade associations and other industry partners.

“We wanted our customers to easily gather information about their specific application with one of our specific products in a quick and efficient manner,” explains Mike Stegmann, president of AGROTAIN. “Although we put a lot of in-depth and varied information at their fingertips, it’s sorted by each of the markets we serve since they each have their own unique challenges.”

Designed for ease-of-use, is categorized by golf, lawn and landscape, and sports turf, so that each market professional can quickly access the information most pertinent to them. Online visitors can also search for information by products and resources, and gain access to a distributor locator.

A portion of the site is also dedicated to homeowners who may have questions about the fertilizer applied to their grass. Lawn service providers can direct homeowners to the site to learn more about the benefits of stabilized nitrogen products.

For more information about AGROTAIN International and its complete line of stabilized nitrogen products, visit, or call 888-547-4140.

About AGROTAIN International

AGROTAIN International is the world’s largest producer of StabilizedNitrogen fertilizers. Marketed under the brands AGROTAIN®, AGROTAIN PLUS™, SuperU®, HYDREXX™, UMAXX and UFLEXX, StabilizedNitrogen fertilizers contain proprietary nitrogen stabilizer technology. This award winning technology has a proven track record, backed by worldwide research studies. AGROTAIN International’s StabilizedNitrogen fertilizers reduce nitrogen losses, and extend plant-available nitrogen for healthier plants and higher yields. 

AGROTAIN International’s products are currently licensed or sold through Agricultural, Turf & Ornamental or Industrial partners in over 70 countries. AGROTAIN International is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

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