Turf Bond, LLC has released nationally their signature synthetic turf adhesive. Turf Bond is an environmentally friendly, moisture cured, single part urethane adhesive that is now available for sale direct to the entire synthetic turf industry.

Developed through a partnership with PrecisionJet, the industry leader in production of quality sports graphics, Turf Bond has been in use on Professional, College and High School sports fields since 2003. Over 1800 synthetic turf center field graphics, end zones and bordered and shadowed number sets have been produced using Turf Bond with ZERO REPORTED INCIDENTS OF FAILURE.

Among the many advantages of Turf Bond is its heavy viscosity. This allows full and complete contact with the turf backing and turf, not just the tops of the tufting rows. Our adhesive is also easy to apply through a variety of methods.

Equally important is the fact that Turf Bond is not considered a hazardous material. It DOES NOT REQUIRE A HAZARDOUS MATERIAL LICENSE TO TRANSPORT. This translates into tremendous shipping cost savings and flexibility of delivery times. Any commercial carrier can transport and deliver Turf Bond, including UPS and FedEx. In addition, the use of Turf Bond equates to a safer work environment than the use of solvent based adhesives.

To recap: Turf Bond adhesive offers the advantages of:

·         A proven reputation of reliability in the synthetic turf industry

·         User friendly, easy and effective application

·         NonHazardous – easy and cost effective to transport, environmentally friendly



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