Gawryla Grip helps line artificial turf fields

Lining an artificial turf field in preparation for painting lines used to mean puncturing the turf with nails or stakes, damaging the turf backing and sometimes the sub-surface. Those days are finally gone, thanks to The Gawryla Grip!

The Gawryla Grip is made from PVC plastic and allows for accurate, easy lining on artificial turf infill systems. Solving the problem of stretching a string on the surface without puncturing the turf backing or disturbing the sub-surface of the field. The Gawryla Grip also saves labor and valuable time spent lining a field. A grid of pins on the bottom of The Gawryla Grip is designed to sink into the turf fibers and infill, providing a safe, solid anchor for tying lines, and spreading the force of a taught string over an area of 36 square inches. Comes in a set of 2.

This works well with Pioneer’s Gameline Removal System – and is available exclusively through Pioneer Athletics starting today. More information and product ordering are available at