Rain Bird commercial rotors for sports turf

Designed to cover every position on the field, Rain Bird’s family of commercial rotors delivers the right amount of water where it’s most needed. Rain Bird® 5500/7005 and 8005 series rotors keep outfields and high traffic areas in playable condition, while Falcon® 6504 rotors provide a solution for quick watering or wetting down infield areas by completing a full rotation in about a minute. Each rotor features unmatched Rain Curtain nozzle technology offering larger droplets that drastically reduce misting and airborne evaporation, effective close-in watering and optimum distribution uniformity throughout the entire radius range. Rain Bird commercial rotors are a perfect match for sports turf irrigation by offering easy adjustments, lower costs and uniform coverage with less water. For more information, visit rainbird.com or call 1-800-RAINBIRD.