Many water agencies, states and municipalities are currently offering rebate and incentive programs intended to encourage the use of water-efficient irrigation products and landscaping techniques. Now, Rain Bird has made it easy for landscape and irrigation contractors to access the most up-to-date information about these programs by launching an online rebate and incentive resource guide at
Organized by state, Rain Bird’s online resource guide is designed to help green industry professionals and their customers learn about the various financial incentives available to offset the cost of irrigation system upgrades, including the implementation of products such as ET controllers, rotary nozzles, drip irrigation systems and rain sensors. According to Dave Johnson, Rain Bird’s director of corporate marketing, the rebate and incentive programs detailed within the online guide encourage both contractors and their customers to implement water-saving technology.
“As local water districts and municipalities continue to increase water rates and levy necessary watering restrictions, water conservation is no longer a choice–it is the responsibility of each and every one of us,” Johnson said.  “Rain Bird’s resource guide enables homeowners, businesses and green industry professionals to easily locate irrigation water savings rebate programs and incentives in their regions. The guide also empowers these individuals to make smart choices that will lead to more water efficient landscapes, and ultimately, a sustainable water supply for future generations.”
Rain Bird’s online guide includes descriptions of currently available rebate and incentive programs, including start and stop dates, related Web sites and contact information. A list of Rain Bird products eligible for financial incentives is also available.
“Often, both homeowners and green industry professionals are unaware of local water conservation incentive programs, or they become frustrated because they can’t find the latest information,” Johnson added. “By compiling all of the information and resources necessary to redeem these incentives into one location, Rain Bird has made it possible for professionals and their clients to take advantage of these programs and upgrade to more water-efficient landscapes in a cost-effective manner.”
Rain Bird’s launch of the product rebate resource guide is the most recent example of the company’s dedication to creating programs and initiatives that boost awareness of water conservation. Rain Bird devotes significant resources to its Intelligent Use of Water public initiatives, which include a series of white papers; public service announcements; membership on the Alliance for Water Efficiency and the steering committee advising the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its WaterSense product labeling program; bi-annual Intelligent Use of Water Summits; partnerships with non-profit organizations; development and support of elementary and middle school curriculums; and participation in the Tournament of Roses Parade®, an annual worldwide stage to communicate the need for water conservation.

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