The playing surface at Raymond James Stadium, annually one of the best maintained natural grass fields in the National Football League, will now be covered by Celebration bermudagrass.  The new turfgrass was installed in March by Quality Turf L.C., of Lithia, FL.

“We felt like the guys at Raymond James Stadium needed to use Celebration,” said Sammy Greenwood, Senior Farm Manager of Quality Turf. “Celebration’s color is darker green than typical bermudagrass varieties, it looks great with less water input and it’s dense; it will quickly mend any damage these players can dish out. It’s just a better option.”

Celebration has been gaining popularity for sports fields across the country because of its rapid recovery characteristics and its low surface hardness.  Surface hardness directly correlates with incidence of player injury. Another appealing feature of Celebration is that it is more Earth friendly, in part because of lower nitrogen needs. Celebration uses 50% less nitrogen than other bermudagrass varieties.

“Our priority is to consistently deliver the best playing surface to the athletes of the National Football League,” said Wayne Ward, Assistant Head Groundskeeper for Raymond James Stadium. “We don’t rest on our laurels. Our staff is always looking for new ways to make improvements and with Celebration; we see potential to make what we believe to be an outstanding field, even better.”

Raymond James Stadium was ranked the second best grass field in the league behind only the Arizona Cardinals’ University of Phoenix Stadium in a 2008 survey of NFL players.    



About Quality Turf

Quality Turf L.C. was developed by QGS Development to provide the State of Florida and overseas projects quality Bermudagrasses.  Quality Turf has a very extensive quality control program, which includes fumigation of the growing fields.  The turf grasses produced at the farm are used extensively on golf courses and athletic fields.  Quality Turf  not only grows turf, it installs it.  Extra attention is given to detail assuring top quality installation.  For more information, visit or call 813.634.3326.

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