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PBI/Gordon Corp. introduces Teremec SP 2.9F Turf Fungicide, a new flowable formulation featuring an active ingredient of chloroneb. Previously available only in a wettable powder formulation, Teremec SP has been a standard in golf course and other turf management programs for a number of years.

“This new product offers turf managers and superintendents a convenient flowable formulation for the control of snow mold, brown patch, pythium and southern blight,” notes John Spaulding, product manager for the company’s fungicide products. Chloroneb is a contact fungicide with a unique chemistry, he explains. “It offers the quickest control of pythium blight in the industry with no known resistance to the product.”

While PBI/Gordon is not the registrant for chloroneb technical, explains Spaulding, the company works closely with KE, Inc. as a marketing partner. In this role, PBI/Gordon has provided its regulatory expertise in the development of strategies to meet the requirements of the EPA re-registration data call-in.

“Chloroneb plays an important role in turf management.” says Spaulding. “It is one of the few fungicides that has preventative activity, but which can also be relied upon for fast curative activity.”

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