Clean paint and dirt from infill

The Eco “Mantis” Hydro Extractor is designed to clean and remove Temp-Line paint and dirt from synthetic infill turf. It uses pressurized water and hydraulic driven brushes to gently scrub your field. The built in vacuum unit removes dirt, paint and waste-water from the field with minimal disturbance to your infill, leaving your field clean, fresh and ready for the next paint job.

Unlike a standard field scrubber, the mantis is gentle on the field’s fibers. Use it to minimize paint and dirt build-up or to clean and de-compact problem areas between events.

The Hydro Extractor’s unique all-in-one design will reduce man power, shorten transition times and keep your field looking better and lasting longer.

The Mantis includes:

• 13 h. p. Honda pressure washer with electric start, industrial pump and foot control used to power 2-20 inch high pressure water spinners

• Honda powered hydraulic system used to power the 2 -18 inch nylon brushes

• 5000 watt generator to power the 2 h. p., 55 gallon vacuum system

• 70 gallon water tank

• 4 gallons per minute water pump

• Modified 18.5 h. p. John Deere, zero turn tractor

• A specialized vacuum bar system designed specifically for synthetic infill fields

• An adjustable cleaning path (20 to 40 inches)