The Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Global Sports Alliance-USA (GSA-USA) to “promote the principles of environmental stewardship in the world of sports,” and “environmentally responsible sports related activities.”

The document, signed by STMA President Abby McNeal, CSFM at the Spring 2009 STMA Board Meeting, and Jane Poynter, President of GSA-USA, indicates the two organizations’ shared commitment to promoting environmental stewardship among sports enthusiasts and to demonstrate leadership.  STMA CEO Kim Heck reports that the Board of Directors are strongly supportive of the collaboration. “Our Board is excited to share information and work with GSA-USA on initiatives that preserve and protect our environment.”
This GSA / STMA cooperative agreement opens the door to future opportunities to work together in promoting environmental leadership in the world of sports.  It establishes an avenue for STMA and GSA-USA to communicate freely and to work together on issues of common interest.  Additionally, the agreement invites, supports and encourages these organizations to jointly plan and carry out projects that are mutually beneficial and of environmental significance.

STMA and the GSA-USA will share information and will identify opportunities to work cooperatively to promote the principles of environmental stewardship in the world of sports: the area where the organizations’ missions and objectives overlap.

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