Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield, a freshman Assemblymember in California, presented a bill to the state legislature last month that would use public money to install synthetic turf as a water saving measure.

Section 1: 5898.12 (c) It is also the intent of the Legislature to address chronic water needs throughout California by permitting, voluntary, individual efforts to improve water efficiency. The Legislature further intends that this chapter should be used to finance the installation of water efficiency improvements that are permanently fixed to residential, commercial, industrial, or other real property, including, but not limited to, recycled water connections, SYNTHETIC TURF, cisterns for storm water recovery, and water-porous concrete.


AB.474’s primarily objective is to create INCENTIVES and authorize public agencies to voluntarily provide loans to finance larger construction projects that will incorporate new construction, improvements or additions of water and energy conservation products, permanently installed on residential, commercial, industrial or other real property. For further information or comments – please contact Assembly member Blumenfield’s office at

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