Jacobsen introduces new wide area rotary mower

Jacobsen announces a new, versatile addition to its mowing fleet with the introduction of the R-311™ wide area rotary mower. The R-311 is designed to give golf and sports turf professionals a productive mower that can maintain a large amount of grass with exceptional performance, low cost of ownership and proven reliability.

The new R-311 is maintenance-friendly, featuring a variety of innovative features to allow access to all of the machines most important parts. The cutting decks flip up to allow easy cleaning, greasing and changing of the blades, the shroud covering the engine compartment folds back for unrestricted access, and the seat pan can be easily removed or flipped up to inspect the hydraulics. With commercial duty hydraulic motors powering the blade of each cutting deck, the R-311 is designed to be a workhorse mower where routine service and maintenance is quick and easy.

“This mower is a cost-effective, fuel-efficient unit with the ability to handle a heavy workload,” said Rob Arthur, Jacobsen product manager. “Each rotary cutting deck provides the quality-of-cut Jacobsen is known for with a beveled blade that slices right through even the heaviest grasses, making the R-311 as productive as any mower in its class.”

The R-311 has several safety and comfort features that make it easy-to-use. An ergonomically designed cockpit puts all controls and foot pedals easily within the reach of the operator, and an air-ride suspension seat provides all-day comfort and great visibility. A foldable rollover protection system (ROPS) provides for operator safety, allows mowing under low hanging branches, and coupled with new tie-down points makes it easier to transport.

“The beveled blades, the hydraulic motors and the R-311’s drive train systems work together to increase fuel economy without sacrificing hill climbing ability, and reduce noise compared to other wide area units while delivering more cutting power,” Arthur said. “For superintendents and turf managers who need to cover a lot of ground and cut a lot of grass in a short amount of time, the new R-311 is the answer.”