Agrium Advanced Technologies (AAT), a leading manufacturer of slow- and controlled-release fertilizers and micronutrient products, has partnered with several environmental organizations as part of an ongoing initiative to become a leader in environmental stewardship and sustainability.

The company’s earth-friendly product line includes slow- and controlled-release products—POLYON®, XCU™, NITROFORM®, NUTRALENE®, DURATION CR® and PRECISE®.  All of which rely on unique technology to minimize leaching and nutrient loss—which reduces environmental impact.

“Our controlled- and slow-release technologies not only provide exceptional performance to enable efficient plant growth, but they are also environmentally sensitive,” Bill Boycott, president of AAT said. “It’s rewarding to produce fertilizers and plant protection products that help protect the environment.”

In addition to their earth-friendly products, AAT is committed to supporting environmentally responsible organizations.

“We chose to get involved with organizations that take sustainability as seriously as we do,” Bryan Gooch, marketing manager of AAT said. “We have aligned ourselves with several groups whose missions are similar to our own.”

One of AAT’s most notable affiliations is with the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG). The Institute is committed to strengthening the compatibility of the game of golf with the natural environment. EIFG relies upon donors to help fund their programs and AAT has made a three-year commitment to support their E-Learning Webcast Series Grant and other important initiatives.

Another key organization that AAT sponsors is Audubon International, with whom they are an official “Sustainer.” Audubon’s mission is to provide people with the education and assistance needed to practice responsible management of land, water, wildlife and natural resources.

AAT also proudly sponsors Project EverGreen and RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment)®. Project EverGreen is a consumer education effort that brings together a coalition of green professionals, suppliers and trade associations whose mission is to preserve and enhance the green spaces in communities for today and future generations. RISE is a national non-profit organization that represents producers and suppliers of specialty pesticides and fertilizers.

For more information about Agrium Advanced Technologies’ earth-friendly products, please visit or call 888.757.0072.

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