UgMO is Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.'s (AST) new patented, wireless, underground soil monitoring system with advanced and intuitive software.

Wireless soil sensors & analytic software introduced

UgMO is Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.’s (AST) new patented, wireless, underground soil monitoring system with advanced and intuitive software.

UgMO is a new generation of wireless soil monitoring technology. Its in-ground system operates via a wireless mesh network, and its unrivaled software package leverages the latest agronomic research on the relationship between moisture, temperature and salinity in the soil’s rootzone. By bundling the wireless hardware, analytic software and ongoing agronomic consultations, UgMO users experience water savings, reduced use of fertilizers and pesticides, and optimal playing conditions. “UgMO puts the smartest, most intuitive information available in the industry directly at our customers’ fingertips,” said Walt Norley, Founder and CEO of AST.

What Does UgMO Know?

A lot. In addition to being the most advanced wireless sensor on the market, UgMO is different primarily because of its software and agronomic service subscription package. Unlike other soil monitoring devices which only focus on hardware, UgMO includes three powerful software components combined with agronomic support.

UgMO Sees – This is the data collection component. Each customer receives precise, highly-reliable data at each sensor location. UgMO has 20/20 vision. Accuracy matters when monitoring soil health.
UgMO Knows – UgMO Knows will interpret the data and advise to establish optimal upper and lower moisture, temperature and salinity thresholds to get into the UgMO Zone. Once the UgMO Zone is established, good things happen – with water savings and increased turf health at the top of the list.
UgMO Says – By analyzing the data and the thresholds for each location 24/7, UgMO Says makes necessary and appropriate suggestions or ‘tips’ to solve problems and enhance soil and turf health.

“Every community in the U.S. and around the world, including golf and sports turf, is increasingly concerned about what we’re putting into the ground,” Norley said. “The soil is the next frontier in the ‘green revolution’ and we are proud to be leading the industry in protecting it. UgMO’s wireless sensor design provides an unparalleled method to capture essential data that no one else can match, and now our UgMO software intelligence gives you absolute and precise indications of how to maximize resources, save money and improve turf health,” he said.

Norley added that with UgMO, clients could expect their water savings alone to be in the range of 10 to 25 percent. “Think of the dollars that can be saved from that and extended to your power, fertilizer and pesticide line items, too,” he said. “Our customers across the country tell us that the return on this system is priceless.

UgMO has been field-tested at some of America’s finest golf courses including Merion Golf Club, Desert Mountain Golf Club and Los Angeles Country Club, among others.

“Golf and Sports Turf is our initial entrance into the soil management world,” said Norley. “However, we roll out our new residential and commercial landscape products this summer, followed by agricultural systems early next year.”

UgMO is available through licensed distributors. For a distributor near you, go to