Toro’s new Pro Force debris blower

The Toro Company is pleased to announce the new engine-driven Toro® Pro Force™ debris blower with turbine-type fan assembly is now shipping.  The Toro Pro Force debris blower produces more air flow to create greater debris clearing power for overall exceptional performance.  This power delivers the results customers desire with faster removal of grass clippings, leaves, twigs, pine needles, aeration cores, garbage or other debris from your golf course fairways, greens, or other maintained turf, as well as cart paths and other paved areas.

Mark Semm, director of golf maintenance at Spanish Oaks Golf Club in Austin, TX, was one of the early customers to see a demonstration of the Pro Force. “We used the Pro Force all over the golf course. We had just aerified so the timing was great. We blew the cores off the greens, the leaves off of fairways and the divots off the driving range. The sheer volume of air blew away the competition!”


Golf courses are on display every day, but early morning tee times and busy conditions limit the time available to prepare the golf course for play.  Aerification, fairway and rough mowing applications, and seasonal conditions all combine to create debris situations that must be managed to achieve pristine aesthetic and playability standards. The Pro Force is a key management tool for debris on golf courses as it helps superintendents achieve superior productivity and a great result by getting the “clean up” jobs done faster. 

 “Our golf course superintendent customers have had the opportunity to provide product feedback through every stage of product development,” said Wade Tollison, CSE, marketing manager for Toro debris and utility vehicles.  “They have asked Toro for a debris blower that has more power, greater efficiency, and is easier to use to help achieve their desirable outcomes.  The result is the Pro Force, a debris blower with superior productivity and operational simplicity that delivers unmatched performance.”

The nozzle is a single piece of rotomolded plastic that is impact resistant, extremely durable and less prone to damage than metal ductwork.  “We loved the plastic snout because the metal tubes get damaged all the time and they are expensive to replace,” Semm added.

An electronic governor gives the operator precise engine speed control.  This control is activated by a hand-held wireless RF controller, which can start and stop the blower, adjust engine throttle up and down for high to low RPM range of operation, and rotate the nozzle 360 degrees, all from the seat of a Toro Workman® MD Series or similar utility vehicle.