SplashGrass is a new artificial turf designed specifically for use in water play areas and landscaping in water parks.

First artificial turf for water parks, recreation and amusement parks

ForeverLawn Inc., the leader in artificial grass for the recreation and amusement park industry, recently launched SplashGrass, a new artificial turf designed specifically for use in water play areas and landscaping in water parks. An attractive alternative to traditional waterpark surfacing materials, such as concrete, SplashGrass provides a safer, softer, more attractive surfacing option.
SplashGrass is manufactured with specific features to address the unique needs of waterparks and water zones in amusement parks. The turf features ForeverLawn’s proprietary Flow-Through Backing, which provides instantaneous drainage.
A unique “thatch zone” in SplashGrass supports the one-inch tall grass blades, which eliminates the need for infill material. The use of infill is not ideal in water play areas, as it can become displaced from the grass and end up in the pool or on the guests’ wet skin and clothing. With its no-infill design, SplashGrass provides a cleaner environment that requires less maintenance and provides superior drainage.
Designed with a short, varied grass blade structure, SplashGrass has a more textured surface than taller landscape grasses to help reduce slipping on the surface and enhance safety. This innovative artificial turf also offers a cushioned surface for bare feet. When used with AirGrid, an optional grid structure beneath the grass, SplashGrass can offer a fall-safe zone for added safety, while still providing effective drainage.
ForeverLawn has even added a touch of realism to SplashGrass to make it look more natural. The turf features tan blades within its thatch layer to mimic real grass and provide a more realistic appearance for park areas.
“Our goal is to provide our customers with a new option and help them find answers to issues they face” said Jim Karmie, director of SplashGrass operations. “Grass is beautiful and people love it, but it is hard, if not impossible, to grow in high water and water play areas. SplashGrass solves that problem. SplashGrass gives designers and architects the freedom to create beautifully landscaped and completely functional grass areas throughout the park.”
SplashGrass was well received at this year’s World Waterpark Association Show, and International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo. Trade show attendees were intrigued by the unique benefits offered by the product, and eager to incorporate SplashGrass into upcoming park projects. SplashGrass has already been specified as the product of choice for several upcoming park projects.
“We didn’t just recycle a different product with a new name” said Donna Kent, director of marketing. “SplashGrass was created specifically for this application”
Kent added that some artificial turf companies simply put a new label on an old product and try to hit a new market. ForeverLawn has served the needs of niche markets by specifically developing products, such as Playground Grass, a safety-rated playground surface, K9Grass, the industry leader for pet facilities, and SportsGrass, a line of innovative artificial turf products for the sports field market. These products are each designed to address specific challenges these facilities present.