CLEVELAND, OH—Sherwin-Williams brings a complete lineup of paints and tools to the field with its SherStripe Athletic Field Marking Paint Program for natural grass. Providing crisp, clean lines and standout performance, SherStripe products help athletes and coaches mark their fields with precision and showcase colors and designs that celebrate team spirit and pride.  

The SherStripe Athletic Field Marking Paint Program offers:

·         Durable bulk paints available in highly pigmented popular colors, custom-tinted team colors, or a Bright White color that is formulated with state-of-the-art Optical Brighteners for high visibility on the field.


·         SherStripe aerosol paints available in a variety of colors that provide fast-drying performance so fields are ready for play in less than one hour. The aerosol paints can be applied with SherStripe striping machines or a hand-held wand.

·         Environmentally-preferable, low-VOC paint formulations that won’t harm natural grass or stunt its growth or stain uniforms or equipment.

·         Durable field markings that won’t blur with play or severe weather.

·         A wide selection of paint striping equipment to use with SherStripe bulk paints and aerosols. Offering lightweight, compact designs for easy maneuvering, these stripers make the field marking process easier, faster and more accurate than ever before.

·         Stencil Kits that produce crisp images including hash marks, block letters, popular mascots and custom-made logos. These stencils create eye-catching field designs for sports teams and their fans.

·         Local availability ensuring quick order and turnaround even in custom colors.

Bringing even more precision to the game, the SherStripe line of field marking paints, stencils and striping equipment delivers the high-quality performance athletic teams need to outpace the competition on the field all season long.


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