The Smart Water Application Technologies (SWAT) initiative, led by the Irrigation Association (IA), has submitted its eighth testing protocol for climatologically based controllers to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The protocol is industry’s first to be sent to EPA for consideration in the WaterSense product labeling program.

“The SWAT Committee and the Irrigation Association are very excited about reaching this milestone event,” said Brian Vinchesi, chair for the IA’s SWAT Committee. “The SWAT process to develop this protocol has been a well-thought-out and detailed process.”

This product testing protocol is for “Smart” irrigation controllers, specifically climate-based irrigation controllers, also known as weather-based or ET controllers. These controllers provide a proven and effective means to achieve outdoor water use efficiency. Unlike traditional timer-based controllers, Smart controllers work by monitoring weather conditions to determine landscape irrigation. Once a Smart controller is properly installed and programmed, the system automatically takes care of seasonal weather and site-specific adjustments, and does not require ongoing monitoring. SWAT protocols are available for review at Comments on the eighth draft of SWAT protocols can be submitted until Oct. 27.


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