Rain Bird introduces new pump station

AZUSA, CA—Rain Bird Corporation announces a new addition to its portfolio of variable frequency drive (VFD) commercial pump stations. The NEW Rain Bird D-Series VFD pump station sets new standards of durability, reliability and ease-of-use in entry level VFD pumps.

“Our goal was to offer contractors a cost-effective pump system for applications that do not require a full programmable logic controller or a liquid-cooled electrical panel” said Rob Kerrigan, product manager for Rain Bird pump stations. “The result was our new D-Series pump station.”

The D-Series pump station includes a backlit, tricolor, monochrome touch screen for unmatched ease-of-use, making operator training a snap. Equipped with a variable frequency drive for maximum energy efficiency, the D-Series is the best solution for pump applications requiring reliable delivery of irrigation water at a specified pressure and flow rate.

The new D-Series pump station is part of Rain Bird’s pump product line that includes the current DP and DPX-Series pump stations. The DP-Series includes not only the features of the new D-Series pump station but also offers a programmable logic controller for more complex controls beyond pressure and flow, such as lake level controls and automatic filtration controls. DPX models offer even higher levels of performance with an optional full-color touch screen in both English and Spanish, and for warmer climates, the addition of a liquid-cooled electrical panel.

Combining Rain Bird’s central control software with any Rain Bird pump station results in a completely integrated system that communicates in real time for the utmost efficiency and flexibility. In addition, Rain Bird pump stations use a extremely durable powder coating process on all pipes and manifolds, ensuring top-of-the-line corrosion protection for a longer service life.