g2 turftools, inc. releases three new turf management products

ATHENS, AL—A new company, g2 turftools, inc., has begun the production of precision turf equipment for sports fields and golf courses. Its Athens, Alabama-based manufacturing operation is centered around three new innovative patent-pending products. These new inventions were designed to provide experienced turf managers with precision turf equipment that can be attached to their existing tractors to significantly enhance productivity while establishing new levels of playability and aesthetically beautiful turf.

The three products include the turfrack which is used for the rapid installation of big-roll sod. It not only significantly improves overall production and the quality of sod installations, but also enhances operator safety and efficiency. Features include an electric over independent hydraulic system and an integrated brake assembly to control the sod roll rotation speed as it is being installed. All turfrack functions are controlled by a joystick mounted to the draft control of the tractor.

The second product is the g2 turftools turfroller. It was designed to compact soil and newly-installed sod on athletic fields, golf courses and even commercial landscaping projects in a cost effective manner.  It is also used on existing turf after athletic events; clay tennis courts; golf course fairways and tee boxes; and baseball warning tracts and base lines. Studies have consistently shown that rolling turf on a frequent basis significantly enhances the quality of the turf. A feature of this tractor attachment includes hydraulic wheels to easily transport the turfroller from one location to another.  Other features are rounded roller edges to eliminate cutting the turf, front and rear scrapper blades, grass catchers and extra large filler holes. 

The turffloat, the third piece of equipment, can save turf managers significant time by eliminating the process of harvesting aeration cores.  At the same time, a tractor pulling this device can level turf on athletic fields and golf courses by eliminating low areas in the turf, such as “puddles” and “birdbaths.” It does this by filling them with ground-up aeration cores and top dressing by “floating” the turf after aeration.  The turffloat should also be used after sod installations to help level the new turf on athletic fields and golf courses. The g2 turftools equipment is currently priced from $1,450 to $7,450.

Jeff Dunlap, the Director of Parks and Recreation in Decatur, Alabama, has used and tested the new turf equipment.  He says that “they have made significant improvements to the quality and playability of the 500 acres of sports turf that we maintain as well as our golf course.  We sponsor athletic tournaments with teams coming to Decatur from all over the southeast.  The equipment provided by g2 turftools has helped us become one of the premier locations for soccer and baseball tournaments from an extended geographic area.  The positive feedback we receive on the quality of our athletic fields is very rewarding.  We will continue to use g2 turftools equipment on our fields and golf course so that we can remain a leader in providing a venue for visitors to come to Decatur for a first-class experience.”

For additional information on the three new devices, email or visit the company’s website:  www.g2turftools.com

Equipment demonstrations are available on the website and will also be available at various turf manager trade association conferences and special events throughout the southeast.