Meridian insecticide approved for California

GREENSBORO, NC—Syngenta Professional Products recently announced that Meridian® insecticide (thiamethoxam) has received registration for use in California.
Specifically formulated for insect control on turfgrasses on golf courses, sod farms, residential lawns, commercial grounds, parks and many other areas, Meridian is designed to provide turf managers with a high degree of control and application flexibility in managing a broad spectrum of grubs and insects. It also is effective and suitable for use on trees and shrubs.

Meridian controls soil and foliar pests at very low rates, through both contact and ingestion activity. It controls such insects as white grubs (including Aphodius spp., black turfgrass ataenius, masked chafer), billbugs and sod webworms.

In addition:

·         Meridian has a wide application window, which provides outstanding flexibility in achieving season-long control. Additionally, it leaves little or no odor, metabolizes slowly in turfgrass, and has good knockdown activity.

·         Immediate watering is not required – Meridian allows up to seven days to be

·         Meridian carries a “Caution” signal word.

·         The Meridian 0.33 G granular formulation contains .05 oz of active ingredient per pound of formulated product, and is packaged in 40-pound resealable bags.
Water-dispersable Meridian 25 WG contains 4 oz. of active ingredient per pound of formulated product, and is packaged in 4 oz and 17 oz bottles.

·         Meridian can be used to treat for such foliar pests as aphids, whiteflies, and mealybugs as well as leafhoppers on landscape plants.


“Meridian gives turfgrass managers tremendous application flexibility, and it can be used to treat a very wide range of turf and foliar insects as well,” said Dave Ravel, golf market manager for Syngenta Professional Products. “It is a versatile, reliable tool many turfgrass managers rely on to produce outstanding results.”


As with all insecticides, it is important to read and follow label instructions when using Meridian.