$500G to fix spoiled Moakley Park field

$500G to fix spoiled Moakley Park field

A plush turf field that was installed at a South Boston park just five years ago is being torn up and replaced at a cost of nearly $500,000 to taxpayers – enraging one neighborhood coach who says the city isn’t doing enough to protect the playing area.

Bob Ferrara, director of the South Boston Youth Lacrosse program, said that when the synthetic turf was installed in Saunders Stadium in Joe Moakley Park as part of a $1.7 million upgrade, he told the city to put up a security fence, charge adults a user fee that could be spent on upkeep and adhere to a rigorous permitting process to control access.

“They kind of pooh-poohed all that, and we said this field will be destroyed in no time,” Ferarra said. “They didn’t take our advice and, five years later, the field is basically destroyed.”

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