SourceOne's Plugr Tow Pro

Lincoln, NE—SourceOne’s Plugr Tow Pro is a 45″ self-contained attachment with a universal mount for operation behind virtually any tow vehicle. Plugrs are reciprocating aerators with tines driven deep into the soil by an independent engine. An electric start, 12 HP engine powers the aerator and a 12V battery (included) powers the control panel. Tow Pro’s independent power allows mowing and aeration without dragging down mower power. Capacity is up to 84,000 square feet per hour at 3 – 4 mph. Tow Pro has offset capability to maneuver close to obstacles with a tow vehicle wider than the aerator. The control panel features single switch tine disengagement to skip over sprinkler heads without stopping and a transport switch to increase ground clearance for loading. Indicator lights warn operator of moving too fast or too slow for quality aeration.