Sidemarket lights for trailers

When hauling a trailer, a simple way to help prevent collisions on the road is to make sure it is highly visible by other drivers.  That’s easy to accomplish with Innovative Lighting’s new 209 Series 2″ Round LED PCP2 Sidemarker.  Long-lasting and resilient, this light is ideal for corner mounting on trailers.

Incorporating 2 LEDs and providing 180˚ of visibility, its configuration is unique for a PC light.  Shock and vibration-proof, this light has a sonically-sealed polycarbonate lens and waterproof housing.  Incredibly long-lasting, these LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours.  Small but powerful, it’s 2″ diameter x 1″ D and requires a 2.25″ hole for installation.

Operating on 9-16 V DC, it’s energy-efficient and provides greater illumination than incandescent bulbs.  Emitting less heat than standard light, LEDs are cool to the touch.  Consuming only 130 mA, these lights can reduce the load on a vehicle’s electrical system, resulting in money-saving benefits.  This sidemarker utilizes a standard 2 pin plug and is PCP2 rated.

The 209 Series is available with amber or red LEDs and an amber, red or clear lens.  Innovative Lighting’s 209 Series 2″ Round LED PCP2 Sidemarker has a retail price of $15.99.