Watschke to oversee Floratine research

COLLIERVILLE, TN—Floratine Products Group today announced its relationship with Dr. Tom Watschke, professor emeritus of turfgrass science at Penn State University. Dr. Watschke will join Floratine as a consultant, specifically in the area of university research protocol.

Dr. Watschke is an expert in turf growth regulation and has spent much of his career studying and evaluating biostimulants and plant growth regulators and their effects on turfgrass development and management.

“Floratine’s strong, superintendent-based background reinforced my decision to work with them,” said Dr. Watschke. “There is a need for support and education for superintendents and what they can do with plant stress management.

When golfers want to golf in the northern latitudes, it’s basically tropical weather for the cool-season grasses that are most commonly used on the course,” he continued. “Floratine takes a proactive approach to nutrition and stress management, because once the grass is stressed, there’s no antidote.”

Dr. Watschke holds a Ph. D. in agronomy from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. He has been a professor at Penn State University since 1970.

Dr. Watschke brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Floratine,” said Kevin Cavanaugh, president and CEO of Floratine. “Our dedication to proactive plant nutrition, combined with his knowledge and insight into how the plants use that nutrition, will serve to strengthen and grow Floratine’s product offerings and educational abilities, all in support of our customer, the golf superintendent.”