Flowtronex partners with Toro

Dallas, TX, March 4, 2008—ITT Flowtronex has announced a new partnership with the Toro Company. Through this, Toro distributors will now offer Flowtronex pump stations when golf courses are purchasing Toro irrigation products throughout the United States and Canada.

The partnership between Flowtronex and Toro will greatly benefit golf courses.  Working closely together, the two companies will increase the level of product integration and communication between Flowtronex pump station software and Toro control systems.  By delivering a complete “source to course” water management solution, the complete irrigation packages will give superintendents tremendous value and efficiency from their pump systems.

Flowtronex has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with many Toro distributors. With this alliance, 100% of Toro distributors in the U.S. and Canada will now provide a single, comprehensive channel to customers seeking bundled irrigation and pump system offerings.

“We are happy to begin this venture with Toro,” said Dan Driscoll, General Manager at Flowtronex.  “It pairs two companies who have a passion for being industry leaders with superior products, distribution and innovations.”