Chipco® Triton fungicide registered for lawns, golf

Research Triangle Park, NC, March 6, 2008—A new water dispersible granule formulation containing the active ingredient triticonazole, Chipco® Triton 70 WDG fungicide is now registered for disease control in golf and lawn turf, Bayer Environmental Science recently announced. The new product provides broad-spectrum, systemic, residual disease control of key turf diseases, such as anthracnose, brown patch and dollar spot.

Triticonazole is a sterol biosynthesis inhibitor from the demethylation inhibitor (DMI) class of chemistry. As its mode of action, triticonazole disrupts membrane function and disease growth. The active ingredient can be quickly absorbed by roots, crown or shoots, and moves acropetally – or from the base toward the apex – in the grass plant.

“New Chipco Triton will fit very well into the existing Bayer portfolio of fungicide products,” said Mike Daly, fungicide business manager for Bayer Environmental Science. “Use rates of Triton are the lowest of any DMI fungicide on the market. The product’s favorable turf quality rating has been observed consistently in field trials.  It has provided better turf quality in creeping bentgrass than other sterol inhibiting fungicides.”

Triton 70 WDG is registered to control the following diseases:  dollar spot, brown patch, summer patch, anthracnose, take-all patch, large brown patch, red leaf spot, rust, gray snow mold, pink snow mold and red thread. The product is also labeled for suppression of algae.

When Triton is used in a program with Chipco® Signature fungicide from Bayer Environmental Science, the result is unsurpassed turf quality and enhanced control of key turf diseases.

Research studies on Triton 70 WDG were conducted at many universities, including North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, University of Michigan, Rutgers University, Penn State and the University of Wisconsin.