Advanced Sensor Technology’s RZ-Wireless Soil Monitoring System

Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc., a provider of wireless soil sensing technology, announced recent upgrades to its wireless soil sensors that provide data for the RZ-Wireless system, resulting in greater accuracy for monitoring moisture, salinity and temperature.

The RZ-Wireless sensor employs two unique frequencies – one to measure soil moisture while another measures soil salinity – producing accurate measurement of both moisture and salinity, even in varying soil types and problematic high-salinity soils. As a result, the end-user can better manage turf with the variations of real-world conditions such as soil type, salinity, climate, compaction and fertilizer application.

Advanced Sensor Technology’s RZ-Wireless soil monitoring system utilizes novel below-ground radio telemetry of soil moisture, salinity and temperature data to a robust and flexible wireless network for transmission to a turf manager’s office where it is also Internet accessible.

As an added end-user benefit, the upgraded sensors are easy to install at any soil depth or orientation. Because the new sensors are designed to have a low variation in measured soil moisture, salinity and temperature, individual sensors can be interchanged, enabling the end-user to easily reconfigure the soil monitoring system based on the turf manager’s needs and preferences. The new sensors can also accommodate custom calibration curves, and produce diagnostic output to assess the accuracy of the sensor.