SurfaceFlow irrigation by Jardinier conserves water and reduces runoff

SurfaceFlow technology from Jardinier Corporation is ideally suited for turf irrigation where runoff or over-spray are issues. The system takes advantage of the “wicking” action inherent in straw, thatch, stolons, sponges and other porous materials, and is based on the idea that a single point of watering at the surface of the soil spreads out across the connected porous material and distributes water evenly. The end result is a reduction in water usage of up to 50 percent, with no water runoff.

“It eliminates water spray because it irrigates like a mini flood system,” said project manager Gary Simjian. “The water comes out of emitters in the landscaping and distributes water evenly. “

In drought-struck Southern California, cities such as Fountain Valley, Tustin, Paramount  and San Bernardino have utilized the new technology as a means to save water, cut down on runoff and to avoid damage to buildings and signs often caused by irrigation spray.

The city of San Bernardino had a SurfaceFlow irrigation system installed in the front landscaping of the new Stater Bros. headquarters and warehouse, touted as the largest of its kind in the nation, to avoid getting water spray on the facility’s monument sign, a dark-colored stone with gold-embossed lettering.

“We didn’t want the signage to get oversprayed,” said Jim Gondos, landscape inspection supervisor for the city of San Bernardino. “We wanted to minimize the potential for water damage, and this system essentially eliminates any possibility of that happening.”

The new technology was installed at the Fountain Valley Civic Center for an estimated 33 percent reduction in water use. Because the technology virtually eliminates water runoff, it also greatly reduces the amount of pesticides and other pollutants that enter the watershed as the result of runoff from lawns and gardens.

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