Walla Walla Public Schools and Hellas break ground on major project

Walla Walla Public Schools and Hellas broke ground on a major project with the installation of eight new TPS 5000 tennis courts, surfacing of three running tracks, installation of two synthetic turf fields, and LED lighting for those fields.

Currently under construction and once the subgrade work is completed, Hellas will be installing a Wave shock pad and Matrix Helix synthetic turf fields equipped with Thermoblend infill.

Thermoblend infill is a combination of recycled cellulose materials and olive particles which absorb, store and release water, resulting in reduced field temperatures compared to crumb rubber.

Hellas will also be installing V300 epiQ tracks at Pioneer Middle School and Garrison Middle School, and eipQ X1000 RETOP at the existing Wa-Hi Klicker Track. The V300 epiQ tracks are made from eco-friendly, non-petroleum-based materials and feature a paved-in-place surface for a long-lasting sports surface. The Wave is a 15mm high impact injection-molded polypropylene pad designed to enhance athlete safety with optimal shock absorption. The Wave is made from recycled material. Low glare/low spill lighting from Cooper Ephesus will be installed at the Wa-Hi Stadium field as well as the new turf practice field.