A-LIST Approved Sports Field Program officially launched

The A-LIST Approved Sports Field Program announced its official launch, aiming to encourage sustainability in sports fields using grasses that have been tested to have improved sustainable traits. The program approves sports fields that incorporate 65% or more A-LIST-approved grasses, ensuring improved genetics and a positive impact on the environment.

A-LIST (Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf) certification is a testament to the commitment of sports field managers toward promoting eco-friendly practices. By using A-LIST-approved grasses, sports fields can significantly reduce their environmental footprint. These grasses are specifically bred for their resilience, requiring fewer resources such as water, fertilizers and pesticides, while maintaining high performance standards for athletes.

A-LIST certified grasses provide high-quality, environmentally friendly solutions for turf managers and are a key component in the shift toward more sustainable landscape practices.

“Our goal with the A-LIST Approved Sports Field Program is to set a new standard in sports field management,” said Kyley Dickson, executive director of the program. “By certifying fields that meet our criteria, we are encouraging the adoption of grasses that are more sustainable but also enhance the quality and durability of sports turf.”

Eligible fields include practice fields, game fields and multi-use sports areas. Field managers and organizations interested in participating in the A-LIST Approved Sports Field Program can sign up by contacting Kyley Dickson at kyley@a-listturf.org. This program represents an excellent opportunity for sports fields to gain recognition for a part of their sustainable practices.

Learn more about A-LIST approved athletic fields program at https://a-listturf.org/turf-growers/