Supaturf erasable turf paint for natural grass

Supaturf Products released new erasable turf paints, available through Turf Printing Enterprises LLC, exclusive U.S. distributor for Supaturf.

Stadia ER and Stadia ER Remover

Stadia ER is an erasable paint for natural grass. Paired with the Stadia ER Remover, Stadia ER is easily washed away. Spray on the remover, brush it in and hose it off for a clean grass field. Weather-resistant and available in multiple colors, making it perfect for multi-use fields. Special additives promote robust turf health, minimizing wait time for grass growth.

The Stadia ER Remover reduces turnover time for events and minimizes crew labor. It’s highly concentrated, safe for turf and residue-free.


Redispray by Supaturf is a ready-to-use turf paint available in vibrant colors. No mixing or settling in the pail and no cleanup required. Just place the container in the machine and start spraying. Redispray produces bright, long-lasting graphics. Compatible with all sprayers and transfer markers, it is especially efficient with the Easymarker machine. Available in black, yellow, blue and red.


Simplicity is an eco-friendly turf paint concentrate for line marking. It comes in recyclable liter containers, minimizing storage space. Simply mix the concentrate with water up to 1:10 ratio. Simplicity is compatible with any line marking machine and eliminates the need for water transport. Available in a variety of colors.

Visit Turf Printing Enterprises at SFMA booth 150.