SFMA introduces F.I.E.L.D Forum

SFMA announced a new change to the conference program, the F.I.E.L.D Forum – Fostering Inclusion, Equity, Leadership, and Diversity in the Sports Field Industry.

In SFMA’s commitment to inclusivity and embracing change, they’re evolving from the “Women’s Forum and Luncheon” to the F.I.E.L.D Forum. This shift reflects dedication to providing an equal platform for all individuals, regardless of gender, race, or background, in the industry.

Brandon Bell, M. Ed, Lead for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Syngenta, will be the featured speaker. Bell’s insights will empower and inspire as SFMA works towards a stronger, more united sports field community.

The F.I.E.L.D Forum is more than just a name change; in accordance with SFMA’s strategic plan, it represents renewed commitment to fostering a culture of respect, collaboration and growth. SFMA aims to create an environment where diverse perspectives are valued, aspiring leaders thrive, and talent is nurtured.

Hunter Industries previously sponsored the Women’s Forum and will continue to sponsor the new F.I.E.L.D Forum.

Plan to join SFMA at the inaugural F.I.E.L.D Forum on Tuesday, January 23rd at the SFMA Annual Conference in Exhibition in Daytona Beach, registration for this event will be done at the same time as conference registration beginning in the fall.