SePRO Cutless

SePRO Cutless MEC and Legacy now labeled for non-golf turf

SePRO expanded two of its plant growth regulators for use on non-golf turf, including sports, residential, commercial, and other managed turf areas. Cutless MEC and Legacy were recently EPA approved to be used on non-golf turf, including sports turf. These plant growth regulators join another SePRO product, Cutless 50W, in the non-golf turf space.

“SePRO is excited to bring the benefits of our plant growth regulators to the sports turf market, with Legacy and Cutless MEC. Sports turf managers continue to look for solutions to regulate and enhance their turf, while saving time, money and labor,” SePRO T&O Portfolio Leader Casey Zeller said.

Cutless MEC is well known in the golf market as the premier growth regulator for turf quality enhancement and Poa annua conversion. Cutless MEC can be used as a stand-alone option or tank-mixed with other plant growth regulators for enhanced growth suppression. Legacy excels at providing consistent growth regulation, while reducing the “rebound effect.” This all-in-one PGR provides enhanced growth control, resulting in fewer treatments throughout the season.

“Fewer mowings and clippings can reduce labor by up to 50%, which is important in today’s labor market,” said Joe Lynch SePRO Technical Specialist.

These products are currently being submitted for registration in individual states. Cutless MEC and Legacy are available in 64 oz and 2.5-gallon package sizes. Please contact your local distributor or your SePRO Technical Specialist for specific details.